Leia Robideau

Leia Robideau, M.A., CCC-SLP

Leia Robideau

Leia became a Speech-Language Pathologist because she loves kids and loves being a part of their learning process, along with their parents!   She often uses play, books, and music during her treatment sessions.

Leia has a Master’s of Arts degree in Communication Disorders from the University of Minnesota.  She worked in schools, primarily in early intervention, for 10 years and in this clinic for the past several years.

Leia has worked with kids primarily between the ages of 1 and 7 years old who have presented with a large variety of communication disorders including: expressive and receptive language delays and disorders, language disorders associated with Autism, articulation and phonological disorders, fluency disorders, motor speech disorders, language based reading disorders, language disorders associated with hearing loss, and language disorders associated with various syndromes and/or global developmental delay.  Her special interests are apraxia of speech, fluency disorders, social skills, and early speech and language development.